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12 years 10 months ago #24139 by towerone
Hi, I have just installed GroupJive version 1.5 alpha 2 and am integrating with CB. The ReadMe file states ...

"For those of you using the CB plugin or the CB Enhanced tab: I have renamed the old table #__gj_caterory to #__gj_category. You need to change this in the code for the CB plug or Enhanced tab, or you will get an error."

Sorry for a really newbie question but where do I make this change - which file, in which directory?

Thanks in advance

12 years 10 months ago #24174 by Fluffy5
Hey, everyone is a newbie in the beginning. :)

The file you are looking for is groupjive.php, and you will find it in the directory: components/com_comprofiler/plugins/user/plug_groupjiveplugin/
12 years 10 months ago #24211 by towerone
Hi Fluffy5, thanks for your quick reply.

So I found the file groupjive.php but cannot find a reference to #_gj_caterory.

I did find "INNER JOIN #__gj_grcaterory c ON a.category = c.id" so is it safe to assume I need to change "grcaterory" to "grcategory" ?

12 years 10 months ago #24216 by Fluffy5
Yes, you are absolutely right. The table is called #__gj_grcategory. My bad. See how easy it is to make spelling errors? :blush:
12 years 10 months ago #24733 by desngkb
Hi, I really newbie to Joomla and i desperately need help for this great component and plugin.

I having this error:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/public_html/main/components/com_comprofiler/plugin/user/plug_groupjiveplugin/groupjive.php on line 52

Also, how can one member join the group i created? There is no add or join features..It only shown is member of : nothing here :P

Please bear with me with the question if it sound stupid...
12 years 10 months ago #24757 by Fluffy5
Hi desngkb!
I think you need to do exactly what is described above, that is find the file /components/com_comprofiler/plugin/user/plug_groupjiveplugin/groupjive.php and change #__gj_grcaterory to #__gj_grcategory.
Users can join groups either from the cb tab or in the main component.
Let me know if you need more help than that!
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