GroupJive + CB + phpBB = Possible?

11 years 11 months ago #53695 by mofrjo
First of all... thanx for CB and all it's/his/hers possibilities :) And for the second.. sorry for my very bad english..

On my Joomlasite i'm running CB + GroupJive.. I have tested Fireboard and SMF and think they both look great. BUT.. I allready have a (stand alone)phpBB forum with 500 members and over 500 000 treads..

What is my best option to integrate a forum to my community?

Integrate phpBB into Joomla+CB+GJ
Export members and content from phpbb into FB or SMF and then integrate with Joomla+CB+GJ

What is the best solution?

Happy new year to all of you.. Hope we have a great communityyear in sight :)

Very best wishes

Man skal høre mye, før øra faller av..
11 years 10 months ago #54341 by mofrjo
hmm.. No anwers??:blink:

Anyway.. we solved the problem by using Fireboard. But to move all content and members from phpbb 3.0 version we have to move at first the whole database from phpbb 3.0 to 2.0 and fromthere over to vbulletin and from there over to fireboard 1.0.3..

A lot of work, but after some rounds with tricks and fix and a lot of headbanging we managed to have our members and all the treads up working in fireboard.

The FB + CB + GroupJive combination almost run as smooth.. Our groupjive is a little bit fucked up.. but we work with the problem...

Man skal høre mye, før øra faller av..
11 years 6 months ago #64769 by kubbah
groups & profile fields

is it possible to assign a group (es groupjive) to the user automaticly, depending on a field choosen during the registration?
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