create a list based on groups

11 years 4 months ago #72726 by wildwill
I want to be able to filter a list via mebership to a group. am i missing somthing or is there any way of setting up differnt user groups, like supporting member(paid) ?

Or is this somthing i can do in Joomla and uses when creating the list?
11 years 4 months ago #72735 by p9939068
Look for the Groupjive component.

Mike Feng
Creator of SIMGallery, SIMAnswers, and ParaInvite
11 years 4 months ago #72741 by wildwill
Hi p9939068

GJ looks like its the ticket, but it does not seem to be 1.5 compatable, have you ever used it on 1.5 insatll?

I did see that they are looking to port it to 1.5 but that wil be a fair while me thinks.

11 years 4 months ago #73460 by darb
its not J 1.5 compliant.
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