CB Autowelcome is not working with CB 1.2 Stable?


I´m having problems with the CB Autowelcome Plugin because is not working with the new CB 1.2 Stable version..

Anybody with the same issue?

Please help.


Yes, I have the same problem. After installing and trying to proceed with configuring I have blank screen on my browser with a message:

Direct Access to this location is not allowed.

i have the same problem. There is already any solution by the developers? TIA

enable your joomla legacy plugin that should fix your problem - however i dont feel that should be that solution... is there not a native autowelcome for J1.5?

i have a ton of plugins, modules, and components installed and working after hours of configuration and tweaking... and its only CB plugins that appear to require legacy to be turned on.... :(

any heads up native updated plugins would be greatly appreciated...

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