Installation issues with J1.5.6 and CB 1.1

14 years 4 months ago #84264 by Aly
I have been through various search efforts and tried various posted "solutions" but am still unable to install com_comprofiler to my site. I have no trouble installing other components or modules at all.

I tried 1.2.4 and then tried 1.1 -- same results.
My current error message (after playing with ftp on/off, chmod'ing various directories, etc) is:

* JFTP::write: Bad response
* Unable to write entry
Unable to find install package

I have downloaded the package(s) twice each just in case a file was corrupted or did not download or extract properly.

This is very frustrating :blink:

Server details:
[code:1]PHP Built on: Linux
Database Version: 5.0.67
Database Collation: utf8_general_ci
PHP Version: 5.2.2
Web Server: Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat)
Web Server to PHP interface: apache2handler
Joomla! Version: Joomla! 1.5.6
Safe Mode: Off
Open basedir: None
Display Errors: Off
Short Open Tags: On
File Uploads: On
Magic Quotes: Off
Register Globals: On
Output Buffering: Off
Session Save Path: None
Session Auto Start: 0
XML Enabled: Yes
Zlib Enabled: Yes
Disabled Functions: None
Mbstring Enabled: Yes
Iconv Available: Yes
WYSIWYG Editor: Editor - No Editor

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