"Install com_comprofiler.zip as a component"

14 years 3 weeks ago #90853 by neostar20
i'm new to joomla and new to cb... I have already installed my joomla to my server...but i'm confused about this one "Install com_comprofiler.zip as a component"... what do you mean?... should i unzip the files first then upload it to my server or just upload it and it will automatically install the zip file...

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13 years 9 months ago #101844 by gravesie
Hi neostar,
This descibes the normal process of adding a componenet to Joomla. What you do is:
1. Download the componenet you want from the supplier's site.
2. Open your Site's Joomla admin area.
3. On the top menu - Extensions / install, browse to the location of the zip file containing the component.
4. Click install.
5. Wait and you should get a message saying the uinstall has been successful.
6. Find the new componenet listed on the "components" menu in the admin back end.

That's about it, and that's how you instal CB, and everything else you might wat to add to Joomla.

Good luck,

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