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Hi together,

I really need some help understanding my community problem - google and another forum couldn´t help: Some days ago I finally updated a joomla site from 1.5.3. to 1.5.10. Now there are no new users shown in my backend anymore but in nearly all tables - except in jos_core_acl_aro_maps where the group ids come together with the acl_aro_ids. When I insert the new users with their acl_aro_id and their group_id manually they do show up in backend.

In my cb registration form there are five different groups and depending on what the new user picks, he has different accesses to the fireboard forum. Unfortunatly I didn´t develop that site so now I absolutely don´t understand how the cb registration automatically works together with the joomla users management/ the table jos_core_acl_aro map.

Hope you can understand my school english... very happy about help!

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