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12 years 1 month ago #53816 by jucar115
beat wrote:

It's that you can use a replacement syntax in quite some places:


e.g. in the title tab description:

[username] is from [cb_town] and his occupation is [cb_occupation].

Lots more things are possible, please see the full CB documentation, and there is still some more documentation and examples to come for this.

You can use this in:

- field and tab titles
- field and tab descriptions
- delimiter fields

and quite some other places :)

Gives you quite some flexibility in user profiles.

You can display there:

- any field values
- any menu item
- any status item
providing styling, string manipulations, and personalizations.

---> [fieldname] will be replaced everywhere (except in field contents) by the field, like in emails

---> [menu]menupath[/menu] will be replaced everywhere by the menu. so adding the menu "upload your photo" just below the no photo is easy. This is in addition of normal menu that you can unpublish...

example: put this in description of photo, and set parameter of tab to have description below photo:

[code:1][menu] _UE_MENU_EDIT : _UE_UPDATEAVATAR [/menu]

---> [status]statuspath[/status] allows to put specific statuses where you want, instead or in addition of the normal status area.

in some cases, styling tags are available:

href="url" for special links
target="_blank" to open new window
title="" for hovers
class="" for styling with a CSS class in a stylesheet
style="" for inserting inline CSS style
images can also be used instead of text of a menu item with:
img="url" for specifying image
caption="text" for the alt text and tooltip ?

The example above could be personalized to be different than the standard CB menu item, like this:

[code:1]<span class="yourCSSclassForYourStyling">[menu class="yourCSSclassForYourStyling" caption="&91;edit your photo&93;" img="" ] _UE_MENU_EDIT : _UE_UPDATEAVATAR [/menu]</span>

a few examples that you could put in description of an empty tab (no fields): (with other html around for nice formatting):

To display connections:


To display the member since status:


We are currently updating the full documentation further with all of these nice things...Your CB profiles can become very flexible... ;)

Check the full doc by subscribing, you will also receive the doc updates as they become available ;)

Hii.. i use the Tab Age from Dj Trail.. what is the tag for this..

I wish this: [fieldname]'s [Tab Age! no age field but i'm no using de age field] year old... blablabla..


Colombiano al 100% Orgulloso de mi patria!
12 years 4 days ago #57313 by DMA

First, CB what a great addition to Joomla! :)

I'm trying to use replacement tags but I can't find any info in the documentation...

beat wrote:

We are currently updating the full documentation further with all of these nice things...Your CB profiles can become very flexible... ;)

I would like the "report user" to show under the user photo like in this post

magickz wrote:

Hello, I am playing around with these replacement tags. As you can see it works fine under the user photo.

but I don't know what tags to use.
Is there a list of tags somewhere?

12 years 4 days ago #57319 by magickz

i just inserted the following code in the description field of the portrait tab:


Greetings. Martin

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12 years 4 days ago #57320 by DMA
Thanks Martin! :)
11 years 3 months ago #80586 by Riba
Umm, I read thorugh most of the information related to the replacement tags as I wanted to get rid of the default menu plugin and put my own in. The problem is, whatever I try the replacement tags don't seem to get interpreted.
At the moment I have a delimeter filed with some [menu] replacement tags inside, but they simply show as-is. What am I missing?? The example content I'm using at the moment is:
[code:1][menu]_UE_MENU_VIEW : _UE_MENU_VIEWMYPROFILE [/menu] |
[menu]_UE_MENU_EDIT : _UE_UPDATEAVATAR [/menu] |

I ahve tried using a single [menu], but that does not show as well. I\d appreciate any assistance that would help me figure out what I am doing wrong.
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