CB Profile Itemid loss

11 years 1 month ago #77612 by michelle.kinney
I've not experienced this problem with CB sites before (this particular one is Joomla 1.0), so I was hoping for a sanity check.

The site owner has been "cleaning up" the site during my setup; some of these changes have included moving and rdeleting menu items. During these changes, I started experiencing a problem with all links from other components to comprofiler - instead of displaying the module settings for the comprofiler menu item, I get all of the modules for the home page (Itemid 0), as if the Itemid has been lost. This occurs even for components I consider rather CB friendly such as Fireboard or PonyGallery.

I'm now manually setting an Itemid for all of these links in each component, but I don't recall ever having run into this behavior before.

Am I just nuts and profile links typically get the home page settings or did something go wrong during the site owners "cleanup" that could have caused this?
10 years 11 months ago #84864 by kubbah
how can I set this item id for each comonent please?
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