Language does not change to german in Joomla 1.5

14 years 9 months ago #71653 by JGnaedig
For Joomla 1.0.15 I solved the problem in this way:
1.copy all files from the german language folder in the default_language folder
2. delete the original default-language files
3. renmane the german.php and german.xml to default_language.php e.g.default_language.xml
4. Refresh your page and the german language wil work.
Greetings from germany

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14 years 8 months ago #74030 by Telar
isnt´t there a way to have this bilingual. If somebody chooses sitelanguage english, Cb will be english and if somebody chooses german it will be german.
Should I maybe just add the german.php file to default language ?
I know with fireboard I have the german and english php in the language file. I wonder if this works the same in CB.

I actually thought most germans will understand english but it seems I´m wrong. I ask a couple of friends to become testmembers but they had more problems with that little english there is to read than I thought

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14 years 8 months ago #74308 by wallenium
This is a very good question..

Language and J1.5! are not the best.. nant, you should have a look at that..

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