Changing my language file to UTF-8 - How?

15 years 2 months ago #58375 by Spook
When I tried to change the site language to Danish, it looks like the charset is off - It doesn't like the special Danish characters Æ, Ø and Å. The rest of my Joomla site is doing fine, but CB isn't behaving that well :)

Googling and forum surfing has pointed out that I should change the language file to UTF-8, but how do I do that exactly?

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15 years 2 months ago #59173 by Jfrm
Open the file in notepad++ (google for it).

Select and copy all the text inside the file.

Paste it in word as text unicode without format.

Copy all

in notepad++, menu format, change to utf-8 no Bom

Select all the text

Paste the text previously copied from word.

Thats all.

Maybe there are easier way, but this one works.

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