Password complexity check for CB?

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beat wrote:

I'm really looking for a checking which can be done indendantly in javascript without server communication, and exactly the same implementation available in PHP for server-side check upon submit.

In my opinion the server side check is good enough.
The password is checked on the server and if it is not good enough the registration page appears again with a red-marked password field and a notification what is missing, e.g.
- no special char used (use min. one special character in password)
- password too short (use 6 chars min.)

It does not make sense to implement javascript checks ONLY, since these checks can be bypassed in a very easy way. Nevertheless these checks might be useful in combination with the server side checking, but they are not really necessary.

The component WebTrooper found seems to do exactly what is needed here except it does not check the first time password from the registration page (unfortunately this is in most cases the only password a user uses).

Password expiration can be saved in CB tables, so no modification of the Jommla user table is required (the component modifies the user table for this which is not a good idea).

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15 years 5 months ago #66079 by beat
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FYI: Password (and any other field!) minimum length and reserved/bad words can now be specified in CB 1.2 RC backend edit field :) . It's not JS yet, but server-based.

Password Complexity checks are still on todo list for future releases.

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14 years 4 months ago #103874 by suman
Replied by suman on topic Re:Password complexity check for CB?

I have managed to implement this Password Strength meter on a test html page using Javascript.

Can you pls tell me where should I put the code so that it will come between Password text-box and Verify Password text-box in the Registration page ?

waiting for your reply....

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