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15 years 9 months ago #43098 by slabbi
Force username plugin for CB was created by slabbi
It would be a nice to have plugin which forces a user to use a certain username.

E.g. in our community we have a policy that the username consists of a special combination of firstname and surname (since these names should also be used as email addresses and people should be able to identify these addresses with the correct persons).

The plugin should be configurable:
( ) do not suggest a default username
( ) suggest a default name
( ) forced username

The creation of the username should be hardcoded in the plugin:

// returns a username
// CB might call create_username several times:
// 1. number = 0: First call, so create username
// When the username exists increment (number) and call
// function again. The function should use this number to
// create a unique username
function create_username(firstname, lastname, number)
bool username = "";
// e.g.
if number==0 then
username = firstname + "." + lastname
username = firstname + "." + lastname + str(number)

Sorry, I am not aware of the plugin structure of CB. But maybe someone finds this idea (esp. the "suggestion" of a username) useful. It might also be possible to integrate a list of names (like in Second Live) or or or ... ;)

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