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16 years 7 months ago #46139 by weazle
Is there was a way to integrate all emailing functions together, PMS included, via CB integration for new content/message/posts, etc. notification? Basically a module that is integrated into CB that detects when there is new content or a review to a content, or PMS message, etc... that will email a certain group (author, editors, etc) when there is a new "whatever" anywhere on your site.

Since the emailing function is essentially the same (using Globals) for all Joomla! components/modules/mambots, we should be able to figure out a way to integrate the basic functions in Joomla! and PMS/other modules. Alot of 3rd party Review components, news modules, etc. out there utilize the basic Content functions of Joomla!. So if a module/component were to be written we should include integrations for such functions as PMS.

So any input dealing with emailing/PMS should be considered for future development, not just "fixing" one module or another... ONE module for all emailing notification functions, for all other modules and content. Well, that's my two cents worth!

If it does exsist, please let us know! I've been scouring the internet looking for such a beast with no luck...


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16 years 7 months ago #46152 by nant

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