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16 years 4 months ago #52070 by mpeetsma
Replied by mpeetsma on topic Re:Sponsored Chatbox
I've been lookin for ALL USERS PRO.. where do I find it?
links I've seen are dead


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16 years 4 months ago #52071 by mgough
Replied by mgough on topic Re:Sponsored Chatbox
DOH !!!!


my bad...


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16 years 3 months ago #54008 by Mackelito
Replied by Mackelito on topic Re:Sponsored Chatbox
Any news on this? I have been looking for this as well...

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16 years 3 months ago #54216 by dabbish
Replied by dabbish on topic Re:Sponsored Chatbox
By sponsoring he means that if we contribute to the cost of the development of this module/plugin we can have it too. And if the contributions are enough to pay for the whole implementation he will share it with the whole community for free.
I'm gonna PM him after I've written this.

I have Live Users Pro. If anyone wants it, just PM me with the email address that you want me to send it to.

I just tried the Live User version that works with Live Chat. Although it didn't work that well for me.
Here are my issues with it:

1. Throws me an fatal error when I have Community Builder support enabled because of the gender.
2. It only seems to work if you first log into the chat through the component. If you don't the popup says you're not logged into the chat.
3. The Live User Chat only seems to work sometimes.

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16 years 4 days ago #60920 by Kyliefun
Replied by Kyliefun on topic Re:Sponsored Chatbox

I'd also like the benefit of this feature when and where is it available? :P

It would be great to see it with the following aspects:
1. work with Joomla 1.5
2. work with the upcoming CB 1.2
3. due to user control - groups ability coming with CB 1.2, the ability to allow group members to chat between each other.
4. ability to invite group members into a conversation
5. audit of chats - held in the database so the members and administrator/moderator can access them later if necessary
6. therefore the search of chats on contents
7. auto banning/replacement of banned words



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14 years 10 months ago #99472 by borhan
Replied by borhan on topic Re:Sponsored Chatbox
i also wanna know if such plugin has been developed yet?
Any idea after the last message has been post seven months back?

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