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I don't know if it is exactally what you are looking for, but i had a custom component done awhile back. I am in the middle of redesigning my site so at the moment i am not using it, but in dev sites it worked well.

The idea was that in the component you could set x points for an action, so submitting a link gave you x_link points, whilst submitting content gave you y_content points. This was put into a table db for each user. And in addition you could give 'Karma' to personal profiles. There was a module that showed the top x best users, and lowest users. Have a look for 'Karma' component on here. It was based on the origional karma plugin, but just had a mambot created to automatically detect Some common tasks. It may not suit your needs but even if it provides a base for you to work on it might be of some help.

WOW! That's exactly what I need for my site! Is there anyway I can get this points system you made? This would help me so much! Thank-You so much!!


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Thats the link for the post with the component, not sure if it will suit your site, but if not feel free to modify it. Thats the idea, modify components to suit your situation and then re-post to the community, its the beauty of Open Source :)


Trav Hale

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