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15 years 4 months ago #62808 by cgc0202

I wonder if it is possible to de-activate some features of the most recent Community Builder (currently CB 1.1.) to come up with an interim "CB Lite" with just the very basic features to provide, for example, a very basic program that would allow a more secure registration/login -- with Moderator approval of valid registrations.

Why is this needed?

The bottom line is that CB may not be used until the latest update is available. From the histtory of previous updates, it may take months (if not almost a year) when the next CB 1.x update would be released to keep up with the more frequent Joomla updates.

This long delay is understandable because it would take quite sometimee so that all the default plugins included with CB need to be updated for each Joomla update.

Here's the dilemma:
There would be security problems, if the latest Joomla update is not implemented (since many updates usually addressed security risks issues discovered in the Joomla software).

On the other hand, if an updated CB is not installed (because it is not compatible with the latest Joomla update), it opens the site to spamming and related security risks.

The latter situation may be alleviated a bit if the combination of the basic features of the CB registration/login procedure plus the CB captcha would be modified slightly to include the basic script that will enable a Moderator approval of valid registrations.

The aforementioned is referred to here as "CB Lite" that as stated above would be more nimble, and can respond more quickly to address any revisions in the latest update of Joomla. Once, the complex CB 1.x has been more thoroughly tested (several months to a year from previous history), then users may then be able to update "CB Lite" to the latest stable CB 1.x.



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15 years 4 months ago #62810 by beat
While this idea sounds interesting at first glance, I think it misses one fact: we are in contact with the core teams of the cmses we support (currently joomla and mambo), and would react immediately to severe security issues, even before the security release.

As a matter of fact, I have been either pointing at or raising a rather significant part of joomla security issues/fixes in the last 4 joomla 1.0 releases... ;)

CB 1.2 is a different story, as Joomla 1.5 is not a security release, compared to joomla 1.0, which is still maintained in the foreseable future regarding security issues. CB 1.1 runs on Joomla 1.5 with legacy layer on (and in some cases with a few bugfixes documented as stickies in this forum).

And if you ask people about a lite version, their definition would vary by lots... ;)

Plus maintining 2 CB versions would not make development faster... :blink:

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