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14 years 9 months ago #66250 by dood
Constant Contact was created by dood

I want to integrate Constant contact email signup into the CB registration process. Has anyone done this or have and idea on how I could accomplish this task? I saw a module for Joomla that has the signup but that is simply a matter of putting html in a block bascially.

Thanks for any help, tips or suggestions.

If someone thinks that they can build this affordably, I'd be willing to pay for it and contribute the code to the community.

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14 years 9 months ago #66356 by beat
Replied by beat on topic Re:Constant Contact
delimiter field will allow you to put any html within the forms. For registration and user profile edits.

Hope that helps ;)

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14 years 9 months ago #66414 by dood
Replied by dood on topic Re:Constant Contact
hmmm. Where is that part? I am not sure if it will do what I want it to do, but you would be the one to know. When the user signs up I want it to send the users email and name to constant contact and sign them up for a list as well as complete their registration all in one action.

Can that be done?

UPDATE I did find the delimiter but it doesn't look like it will submit the email at the same time. It is just a form that needs to be submitted by itself. They do have an API for doing this so maybe putting something in there.

I really don't need this to show up in the person's profile just be part of the reg process.

Can I use the delimiter or would just putting in getdispayRegistration and saveRegistration functions in a plugin?

If so, how would i get that one field to submit to an outside url?

Thanks for responding.

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14 years 8 months ago #66894 by magickz
Replied by magickz on topic Re:Constant Contact
hmm. I am just curious. May I ask how it looks? Is it just a small form with email field and submit button?

Is there any possibility to mass upload email addresses in form of a file like csv format?

My programming skill is not very good, but if I would have to solve the problem to transfer a bunch of collected email adresses quickly from Joomla!/CB into another software, maybe it is an idea for you to collect the addresses with YANC, which has got a nice export function for the subscriber lists. Then you only have to find a way how to synchronize your subscribers in Constant Contact with this export each time before you want to send the next newsletter or mailing.

The output format of YANC is a CSV table in two columns like this:

"email address"; "name"

And it integrates perfectly with Joomla! 1.0.x and the CB registration process.

You can see it in action in this registration form .

Not sure if it is the right way... just my first thought when I saw your question.

Btw.: I would like to know what is the advantage of such a system like Constant Contact?

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13 years 8 months ago #104496 by delliott
Replied by delliott on topic Re:Constant Contact
I figured out how to do this, are you still interested?

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13 years 8 months ago #104543 by magickz
Replied by magickz on topic Re:Constant Contact

Do you mean you found a way for submitting a form with two different action tags at the same time? It would be very interesting for my actual project... :-)

In this case I want to submit the CB registration and also send some of the fields to a CRM solution at the same time.

Second, it would be also great to find a solution that will be triggered when a user edits his profile to update his data in the CRM software.

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