Banking Feature (fake money) for Game purposes

14 years 9 months ago #71723 by candymara
I need my users to be able to send money amongst each other (play money) for purchasing services from one another within a Sim Horse Game.

So for example, user1 buys a horse from user2 and sends them a "check". The component removed $x from user1 and credits it to user2 - displaying a quick transaction memo on a tab in their CB user profile. I want them to be able to download their transaction history to. And display a current account balance on their profile.

Each member starts with $250,000 sim money to play with. They use the money for all sorts of purposes- paying show entries, buying horses, etc. There is no shopping cart though. This is really just like an online bank account manager.

Security is no big deal because it is fake money.

How on earth do I go about getting such a thing. Are their places for hire to build a feature like this?

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14 years 9 months ago #71726 by nant

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