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Hello all

First of all I would like to say that you have an excelent team, and this is one of the most important component to who are creating his community website! Thank you ver much to all of you that do this for us!


I am trying to do a drop-down field, with
diferents "pilot ranks". So imagine we have a flight officer, they choose his rank on the drop-down field, and intead of appear a text saying "Flight Officer" in the profile and in the userlist it shows an image that represent his rank.

Here is a "montage" of what I want:

I said a "drop-down field" but could be any other type of field, we just need that in our userlist and in the profile pages of our menbers show the correspondent rank.

And also, it would be good if only us "administrators" could change the ranks

To conclude, we are totaly desperate because of this feature, so all the alternatives are good for us, we just need that it works :D

Thanks for the cooperation

David Neson

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