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14 years 8 months ago #75130 by NuMoon
Hi all (and dev team in particular).

There is a lot of kerfuffle out there related to a highly desirable feature which (i think) should become a core feature of CB. This is the ability for user to control privacy via connections (friends on my site).

However, what would surely be easier to implement (and not tread on the toes too much of those 'reproducing Mikko's APC') would be to integrate into the CB list a button to request connection/friendship, and allow for the entire profile to be connections viewing only. We can then set (as it stands) how much info is veiwed in the lists and would basically have what we wanted in CB core.

What are the chances of such a simple alternative to privacy tab control being introduced to the CB core (perhaps as an update to CB.1.2)? We could have basically Nant's privacy selection from the profile gallery applied to the profile as a whole if we add a link to request friendship on the user lists. This (i think) would be easy to do no (I am not sure, not much of a coder)?




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14 years 8 months ago #75882 by MindArchr
You can do this with the Profile Manager component (although it costs). You can enable profile viewing for connections only, registered members, and more.,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,5996/Itemid,35/

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14 years 8 months ago #75887 by NuMoon
I know I can do it with one of those, however I think this is a feature that should be incorporated with the CB core. You can hack the CB file so that clinking the user list links requests a connection and block the profile altogether with one of those (I know, as this is what I have done on my site).

However this would really be an excelent core feature (and give a much desired feature whilst remaining true to Joomla's open source policies as these components cost and are all encoded, a quick search on Mikko's, which the other seem to be ripping off is an example of why this should be a core feature).

As I said I have this working on my site, but it really should be considered for incorporating into the CB core as a default feature (it would be nice to have a button to request friends in the list, but that is a bit beyond me, so I just hacked the link that is already in there to be the request link).

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