MosIf / Mosvar access to CB fields

14 years 7 months ago #77333 by gswdev
MosIf / Mosvar access to CB fields was created by gswdev
I just discovered the power of the Joomla mambot extensions MosIf and MosVar to control selective viewing of content.

How can I get access to CB fields in user profiles to use them with these mambots?


This works fine --
My registration date is {mosval $my->registerDate}.

This does not work --
My birthday is {mosval $my->cb_birthday}.

When I do the print_r($my,1) command, the CB variables do not show up as available.

Is there any way to get access to them?

Even if I can get access to them so they work with Mosval, I don't think that MosIf will allow comparing to variables rather than literals.

So does anybody know how to use the CB variable values in an IF-THEN type of statement that would allow controlling who can see certain content, similar to how MosIf works?

I'm using CB 1.0 and would be open to upgrading to a new version if it would solve my problem.


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