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15 years 8 months ago #47034 by judd_muir
On many occasions when I have searched the forums, I come across several posts that ask the same question to which I need the answer. Annoyingly, the answer is often "that's been covered before, please search the forums". I *am* searching the forums, and that post is what I found!

Given that many people ask similar questions, it would be great if the mods (or heavy users) could keep a list of "hot" answers and then link to the relevant post instead of saying "search the forum". It might take a few seconds longer to reply to the post, but it would be genuinely helpful...That way, anyone actually searching the forums would find the answer they needed, rather than a load of posts saying "search the forums"!

Particularly good threads could even go into a moderator-controlled "Common problems and how to solve them" forum...

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15 years 7 months ago #47294 by radio

Im currently creating my own site and forum aimed at providing actual useful information for people wanting to set up social networking sites using joomla and CB.

Interested in improving Joomla as a social networking platform? If yes join

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15 years 7 months ago #47295 by beat
I can understand your points of view, as managing this forum and FAQ, while coding full-speed next CB releases and plugins is not easy.

However I hope that you may understand that sometimes, answering 5-10 times same question in forum (sometimes answered in a sticky), and that same question is also handled well in detail in Nick's excellent manual :whistle: can also be frustrating.

I try to give hints on search strings to search forum or do the search myself and additionally give links when i have time, but sometimes my free time is small. :(

This is a community effort, and time spent answering forum and writing articles/FAQs is time not spent developing. ;)

No need to spend time to setup and manage separate site, just spend the time to help improving this community place :)

You are both (and any other joomlapolitan who has time to help too) warmly welcome to help us in these forums and to add article contents. This will certainly help this community in a big way.

Just PM Nick (nant) with reference to this thread to join authors and get up and running on writing and submitting FAQ articles.

Just start/continue helping in forum will help users (and us all get new code ready quicker) :)

We read forum posts, we see "Please make this thread a sticky" in posts, but we can only spend time in chunks, as we need batches of time for coding, managing the project, and improving the site.

Many Thanks in advance :)

Beat - Community Builder Team Member

Before posting on forums: Read FAQ thoroughly -- Help us spend more time coding by helping others in this forum, many thanks :)
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15 years 7 months ago #47322 by judd_muir
I for one would MUCH rather you guys spent your time developing the platform! It's an awesome and timely component that is clearly going to be used more and more as social sites become the norm.

I'm sure moderating the forums can be a pain-in-the-backside, hence wondering if others could be set up as mods to take the strain off you and onto people who are keen to participate. From your response, it looks like you're willing to do that, so here's hoping the joomlapolitans' responses are equally forthcoming.

My own experience of Joomla/CB is limited, but growing daily, so I'll attempt to contribute where I can. (Hey, here's my first thread on CB and Fireboard!,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,38/func,view/id,42622/catid,27/limit,6/limitstart,6/

Keep up the good work!

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