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I am finding the configuration of this extremely confusing. I'm not sure if it is because the names and menu choices between this and the original contact modules are so similar, or if something isn't working correctly.

After installing

I visited "Components/CB Contacts/Manage Contacts" - it *seems* like it is putting me into the EXACT same menu choices as "Components/Contacts/Manage Contacts" because it looks identical. However I can see in the URL and breadcrum trail that it is referencing cb_contacts.

I could not see any differences or new options - so I left my current contact setup as is. There is a "linked to profile" item - but I can't remember if that was there before anyway.

I understand it is using the same tables as the regular module - which is efficient - but it's very confusing when the UI doesn't give more clues as to what exactly I'm doing.

Then I go to the menu I wish to add the item to and proceed to create a menu item and want to point it to the CB Contact module - but either:

*) it is not being listed, or
*) I can't distinguish it from the regular contacts component, or
*) It's the same as the traditional contacts item.

In this panel it's not so easy to distinguish which "Contacts" component I am pointing to.

When I click a "Link to a Contact Item" and then open the menu item logged in as a regular user- I just get the same form and it's still asking for "your name" and "Email address" and they are not defaulted to the profile values.

I originall submitted some suggestions along this line and I am mainly after not having these email and name fields even displayed since the user is known, but I can't tell if I just turn them off and then CB will populate them?

When I send a test message via this form, no additional CB information is in the message sent.

Very confused.

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you're not alone pal!

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CB Contacts is not a major CB component, it's just a few enhancements to the original Mambo and Joomla contacts components.

We will take in account the feedbacks given for this first release (thank you) for the next releases. :)

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