synchronizing CB registrants w/ CB Contacts?

15 years 11 months ago #52468 by gswdev
In my original Joomla installation I did not install the original Contacts component. I did install CB and got registration going as I wanted. Now I'd like the functionality of CB Contacts for emailing and also for deriving snail-mail mailing lists of street addresses if possible that I could feed into MS Word mailmerge or something like that.

So I installed CB Contacts with no installation problems and expected that I'd be able to synchronize my existing registered members to populate the CB Contacts database. But even when I use the synchronize tool in CB configuration, nothing gets populated.

What am I missing?

Is synchronization not designed to go in that direction?

Is there any way to do what I was after? I'm certainly not going to hand enter everybody who has already registered!


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15 years 11 months ago #52475 by nant
The original contacts component is automatically installed with Joomla/Mambo, so I don't understand your first statement.

You need to manually add contacts in the CB contact component, nothing to synchronize.

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15 years 11 months ago #52620 by gswdev
OK, maybe I should restate the need and let you tell me if there's a way to get there.

CB registration is working fine. I installed the CB Contacts component without problems, hoping to be able to generate a snail mail mailing list of names and addresses of the members who have registered.

If I could just get a list like that displayed in HTML, I think I could do the reformatting needed to get it into a MS Word mailmerge.

It just doesn't make sense to me that CB registration and CB Contacts would be INDEPENDENT of each other so that I would need to RE-ENTER all info into CB Contacts for my already registered members?!

Less pressing but another wish would be to be able to broadcast an email message to all registrants.

Thanks for any pointers you can give.


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15 years 11 months ago #52698 by Insomn3ak
Replied by Insomn3ak on topic Re:synchronizing CB registrants w/ CB Contacts?
Yes I agree, as I am having the same issue. I currently have hundreds of users entered into CB. None of those users are listed in the normal Joomla contacts component because CB doesn't sync with that component. I just installed the "CB contacts" component hoping it would solve that problem. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to sync (or import) the CB registrants into the CB contacts component database yet.

I think I'm possibly missing something...

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15 years 11 months ago #52806 by kenlyle
Agreed. The benefits of this component are not clear to me.

Here is a query to insert approved, non-banned, "Staff" (JACL) users into the contacts table - YMMV!:

INSERT INTO jos_contact_details ( name, address, suburb, state, country, email_to, telephone, [image], imagepos, user_id, published, catid )
SELECT [firstname] & " " & [Lastname] AS Expr1, jos_comprofiler.address,, jos_comprofiler.state,,,, jos_comprofiler.avatar, "top" AS Expr2, jos_comprofiler.user_id, "1" AS Expr3, 12 AS Expr4
FROM jos_users INNER JOIN jos_comprofiler ON = jos_comprofiler.user_id
WHERE (((jos_comprofiler.firstname) Is Not Null And (jos_comprofiler.firstname)>="A") AND ((jos_comprofiler.banned)=0) AND ((jos_comprofiler.approved)=1) AND ((jos_comprofiler.confirmed)=1) AND ((jos_users.block)=0) AND ((jos_users.usertype)="Staff"));

Maybe CB_Contacts needs to BREAK from the standard contacts component, and read directly from comprofiler, rather than being compatible?

Thanks, all!

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15 years 11 months ago #52814 by beat
CB Contacts 1.0 is....a first version :laugh:

It still gives you benefit of the link to the CB profile, integration with CB plugins, and application of CB's proven anti-spam techniques ;) , if you already heard of Joomla contact form spamming... That's about it for CB Contacts 1.0

We are continuing development of CB Contacts with the next major release of CB ;)

And yes, deeper integration with CB user profiles is planed.

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