Prepending * on Contacts breaks phones

15 years 4 months ago #55901 by kenlyle
I had long telephone numbers, because I had changed the telephone field to 60 chars, roughly, so I could have U.S. phones like:
<a href='skype:+1(804)-698-1111?call'>(804)-698-1111</a>

And when I edited the Name field (to put an asterisk in front of the name, because I couldn't figure out how to display another flag field), the update truncated all of the phones to

<a href='skype:+1(804)-69, which is 25 characters, and seems reasonable, and was probably the original length of the telephone field, but brutalized my customized field contents.

I can't recall whether I did the edit in CB Contacts or Contacts, so maybe that's my problem.

My feeling is that the application shouldn't be policing the length of the input to the field, but rather passing back related messages from the database, but I am no developer, so I'd like to know what the "state of the art" is.


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