[SOLVED] Can't find server - using Authorize.net

10 years 4 months ago #110853 by pjohnson
We have our (pre-launch) site's membership upgrade implemented with CB Subs version 1.0.1. It is configured to use Authorize.net. We are running CB 1.2.

When we attempt to run through the upgrade transaction on registration, we get as far as the screen after the billing info, with the logos of the Visa and MasterCard.

If we click on Visa, we eventually get an error that the server can't be reached. If we click on MasterCard, we just seem to stall and wait forever.

We have the gateway set to Normal Authorize.net servers. Gateway Type is Authorize.net.

Thanks for any help,

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10 years 4 months ago #111123 by pjohnson
(Problem In Chair Not In Computer)

This comes from errors in the site's SSL configuration.

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