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11 years 8 months ago #64304 by ghog
ok, thats all working great. Is it possible to move those items around the page with css? I noticed in the code I found in a thread it had a part for "put css here"
<span class="yourCSSclassForYourStyling">[menu class="yourCSSclassForYourStyling" caption="&91;Request Connection!&93;" img="" ] _UE_MENU_MODERATE : _UE_REPORTUSER [/menu]</span>

Don't know much about css coding and would appreciate any tips to get it looking like my attached sample:)[/im Post edited by: ghog, at: 2008/06/06 14:35[img size=466][/im

Post edited by: ghog, at: 2008/06/06 14:35
11 years 7 months ago #68123 by ghog
So I finally got this working except for 1 tiny thing:
The replacement tags have square brackets on the ends of them. Below is the code I am using in my delimiter field. If I remove the brackets from the code the replacement tag scrambles up.

[code:1][menu class="yourCSSclassForYourStyling" caption="&91;Add [Username] &93;" img="" ] _UE_MENU_CONNECTIONS : _UE_ADDCONNECTIONREQUEST [/menu][/code:1]

Is there a way to lose the brackets?
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