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11 years 3 weeks ago #75089 by George_Mole
Hi Pep's

sorry to have to post but have been unable to find
the answer.

is there a way to list all users that have pictures in their cb gallery.

as I want all reg users to be able to just click links to pics.

I know that you can have a number of pics on the page but what I am looking at doing is having a list of all users with gallerys and if possible no: of pics and last updated so people can just click and see the pics

is this possible
11 years 3 weeks ago #75601 by George_Mole
ok its been a while so will expand on the post

I would like to first beable to list all users
in that list i would like to show if they have pics in there gallery and entries in there blogs.

I would like this for all users to see but not be able to edit

please advise
11 years 2 weeks ago #75642 by Rapunzl
For both, unless there is going to be a dramatic change for the 1.2 update, you'll need to write a plugin to do that.

Jamie (Rapunzl)
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