I've made a French 1.2 RC 2 plugin

11 years 2 months ago #73834 by selor
Slt Mael,

Deja vérifie que via le menu plug in de CB le French est désinstalle. Ensuite reprend le fichier de SBMM et installe le sans dezipper via le menu de plugs de Cb et cela devrais fonctionner.

Pour les autres Seul le fichier de SBMM fonctionne parfaitement sur les autres encore quelques blem d'encodage pour les apostrophes.

Thank you very much SBMM it works perfectly kiss for you :):laugh:

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11 years 2 months ago #73967 by ldcpl
I have the same problem than MAEL about restricted access after CB-FRENCH instalation.

i done the correct process to install but got a bug to fix i guess ...
any idea for it ?

j'ai le même problème que MAEL après l'installation du plugin CB-FRENCH (ou sa corection) ...

les pages contenant un module CB sont interdite d'accés

si qqu'un a une idée ?

ci joint le plugin en question

Attachment french_ac3be8085d1561aa51670f6fbea599dd.zip not found

11 years 2 months ago #73970 by ldcpl
Pour infos le fichier joint fait par un autre membre (je ne sais plus son pseudo desolé) fonctionne bien avec joomla 1.5.6 cb1.2 RC2 et joomfish 2.0 installé

For infos the following file made by another member (do not remmeber is nickname sorry ) is well working with 1.5.6 + and CB 1.2 RC2 and joomfish 2.0

Attachment plg_french_cb_language_4360478955ab0053dfcf5d22f80a3310.zip not found

11 years 2 months ago #74377 by Maël
Ca marche nickel // It works fine

Merci!! // Thank you!!
11 years 2 months ago #74718 by nnoel
Hi everyboby,

I just made some minor corrections to the RC 1.2 UTF-8 french.php file:

I replaced & cedil; with ç (around lines 125 190 642 and 805).

The Alt text of the 'non displayed in profile' icon is truncated after the [Ce champ N] because you can't escape single quotes in alt description text for graphics.
I replaced \' with &rsquot; (around line 359) in definition of variable _UE_FIELDNOPROFILE (used around lines 1770 in comprofiler.class.php) so that the alt text is now displayed entirely: [Ce champ N'EST PAS visible dans le profil]

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11 years 2 months ago #74719 by nnoel
here is my working utf-8 french.php file (unzip it)

Attachment french-c1c2fd555357425e80f8e6589b6ea3dd.zip not found

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