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11 years 5 months ago #71059 by nuMarc
Hy all

Is there any working (ü,ä,ö,...) German language pack available out there for CB 1.2 RC2?

I just found some files here in the forum, but all of them where German (informal) or otherwise not working with the "umlaute" like ä,ö,ü ;)

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11 years 5 months ago #71419 by Tomek1
11 years 5 months ago #72228 by adrianm

I found it here:

Hmm, not quite. That's informal german. I also needed a german formal file for RC2, and I am very busy and have run out of time so here is my part finished effort.

This file is "formalised" up to line 1060 so it covers the RC2 frontend. I should also say I am not a native German speaker (but I had lessons years ago) - I took the informal version and changed the Du to Sie, with (I hope) correct grammar in given contexts.

This is a work in progress and should ideally be read by a native and any goofs removed. Whoever has the time could finish off from line 1062 (FB related) as well.

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If you use the plugin identified by Tomek, replace the file german.php with this one (an rename this one german.php)

have a wierd sort of fun,


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