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10 years 8 months ago #85712 by BHGDigital
Good Morning,

Desperately trying to customize the registration page on a site, I have changed the color added a couple of features, but for the LIFE of me I cannot change the location of the fields.

Basically I would like to have the First Name Field and the Last Name Field Side by Side not Stacked one on top of another.

Any idea's or Help would be greatly delightful!!!!

10 years 8 months ago #85716 by deni_hanca
no easy way to do it, you'll have to hack the source code.
the fields are placed in <td> so that's hard to do it via css only.
Personally i don't think it worth your time and trouble... anyway that's my opinion ;)

Wadya Balad Lises Unpad di
10 years 8 months ago #86070 by
Rats! Perhaps a parent-child relationship could be added in future CB. Like 'cb_extension1' could be a child of 'cb_phone1' and children would follow their parents on the same line. It looks a bit silly to have the "extension" field on it's own line below "phone" - same goes for city/state/ZIP.

Just a random thought - I'm creating an *epic* registration form for a client and was looking for a quick way to put some fields side-by-side...

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