How to translate admin backend ?

10 years 10 months ago #83835 by dotcom22
Hi everybody

I would like to know if you plan to make CB backend translation option in your futur version 1.2 stable. In fact I need to translate backend for the need of my customers and it appear admin backend are harcoded in files sources and no plugin can be made for translate it... I imagine translate admin are not a priority of CB team and this is to bad due to the nature of your community component for international need...

Just for know it is possible to make a custom plugin for get this translation ? How I can do ? Probably the first step are to locate all piece of language need to be translated in all admin file. And after ? I imagine it can possible to set a kind of php tag in place of language and that for each piece of text..something like : <lang_title> / <lang_description> / <lang_comment_registration> and cover all text... After that it necessary to create a language file where all this tag must be listed with their respective translation and link this file to some admin CB core files...

Please can you tell me if is possible ? Can you indicate me exactly how to develop it ?

Anyway the major problem are probably in case of release/update of CB. If in futur some more function are added to teh core file it is necessary to update also the translation...

Any information are much appreciate...thanks.

I use Joomla 3.3.6 - CB 2.0.4 - CBSubs 4 - Several Incubator plugins
10 years 10 months ago #83839 by deni_hanca
hi.. i thought u might b interested in some reading here . ;)

Wadya Balad Lises Unpad di
10 years 10 months ago #83844 by dotcom22
thanks but Joomfish are used for translate frontend and not in my case this won't work..

Front end plugin are already available in most language and is easy to translate in case a language is missing...but for backend if am not wrong all text are harcoded and the only possible manner to translate are to build a CB plugin or to manually translate all text in each admin files...

I use Joomla 3.3.6 - CB 2.0.4 - CBSubs 4 - Several Incubator plugins
10 years 10 months ago #83858 by deni_hanca
hi again... this is my personal opinion, pls correct me if im wrong.

The language plugin provided by CB default and CB translators consist of most back-end and front-end language. Few elements are hard-coded, true, but most part are covered by common translation plugin files for CB. Of course, to change CB's back-end language, u also need to change Joomla's back-end language to the corresponding (which is quite difficult to find btw).

if u are looking to build a plugin on your own, i think the CB language plugin is the best place to start. But if u are looking for a fully-built-translation-manager-plugin-for-frontend-and-backend-of-CB1.2-and-Joomla1.5... then i have no recomendation yet... :) (mayb someone is building it right now).

anyway, i haven't really tested this sort of case... anyone? :lol: just tryn 2help, hope it's useful.

Wadya Balad Lises Unpad di
10 years 10 months ago #83925 by dotcom22
You are right...CB translation work..IN fact my Joomla frontend and backend are already switched to the language I need (french)...

I have installed french plugin but it translate only the backend sub-menu "Configuration"...reason why I thinking the translation don't work. THis is cool because Configuration is the major important part of the backend but I would like translate also the rest...Typically the name of sub-menu displayed when I go to Component/Community Builder and other part. All sub-menu are always in english (User management, Tab management, Field management and other).

Any idea how I can do this ? Thanks..

I use Joomla 3.3.6 - CB 2.0.4 - CBSubs 4 - Several Incubator plugins
10 years 10 months ago #83940 by edublender
As you probably knows, in order to fully translate CB, you have to find hardcoded strings in English inside the files, then edit them.

Well, by similar reasons you pointed, I did that on CB 1.1.
So trust me: is a painful job, and I do not recommend such adventure for anyone.

Anyway, see this PDF document wich I wrote after I did that task:

It shows in wich files you will find hardcoded strings in English.

Despite being related with CB 1.1 files, those files are present in CB 1.2 also, so this document can help you a little bit.

Good luck.

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