How to translate admin backend ?

10 years 9 months ago #83961 by dotcom22
Cool thanks :) This help me for sure...

The only bad thing in this kind of process are the fact in case of CB update some file can be overwrite so is necessary to be careful..but no choice..

Too bad no plugin can totally translate the full component..Maybe one day this would be possible..


I use Joomla 3.3.6 - CB 2.0.4 - CBSubs 4 - Several Incubator plugins
10 years 9 months ago #83973 by deni_hanca

I have installed french plugin but it translate only the backend sub-menu "Configuration"...reason why I thinking the translation don't work. THis is cool because Configuration is the major important part of the backend but I would like translate also the rest...Typically the name of sub-menu displayed when I go to Component/Community Builder and other part. All sub-menu are always in english (User management, Tab management, Field management and other).

Any idea how I can do this ? Thanks..

well, sometimes you just gotta do things urself, non? ;)

to make changes to an already installed language, simply make changes in the .php file of the lang (pls refer to my earliest post in this topic). dont forget to make back-ups. u'll likely want to open the default language to, for comparison sake.

here's an alternative: to make life easier, u can do this: start with an fresh installation of Joomla 1.0, CB 1.2, and (any) Translation Manager for Joomla 1.0. After u are finished with your custom translation, export the language as a CB language plugin, then install it to your J1.5.. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: woohoo... hehehe... edit the images too, and a few hardcoded strings as shown by edublender (translating hardcoded strings?wow...i mean real thnx 4 the documentation man:) ).

anyway, this last method has not been tested (at least not by me), but i think that would do the trick ;) .

hope that helps.

Wadya Balad Lises Unpad di
10 years 9 months ago #83974 by edublender

Just a comment (to avoid misunderstandings): Translation Manager extension does not can be used to translate CB.

The reason is Translation Manager was built to manage extensions/components/plugins wich follows the internationalization rules suggested by Joomla org since the 1.5 series (INI files for frontend and backend language folders.), and CB (until 1.1 and 1.2 RC4), does not follows that specs.

The approach I mentioned in my last post, produces a CB fully localized (since install screens and even each CB interface page).

So, as noticed, it is an approach that must to be done with caution. While translation, just one distraction, one single comma in wrong place... and you get lost.

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CB roxx. UddeIM roxx.

Community Builder Brazilian Plugin ->
GroupJive Brazilian Plugin ->
10 years 9 months ago #83978 by deni_hanca
confirmed that, edublender, thnx 4 pointing that out.

yes, translation managers for j 1.5 won't work with CB. however, it just came accross in mind, that certain translation managers had been built for J 1.0, and since CB is treating languages like J 1.0 (using .php instead of .ini), i tought it might just work... :)

anyway, i admit that my earlier post was rather careless. please underline that it was just an idea, unproven and untested. further diggin' is needed. :side:

Wadya Balad Lises Unpad di
10 years 9 months ago #84063 by KurtSteiner
...just install my german formal language plug.,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,38/func,view/catid,69/id,84062/#84062

there are only some minor things for backend to be replaced - i´m working on it....

sunny regards from Germany

BERND (Kurt Steiner)
10 years 9 months ago #84098 by dotcom22
Hi Kurt

Thanks for feedback but if am not wrong your german plugin do the same then any other translation plugin and so not translate all or almost all backend...

I have try for example to translate sub-menu of CB (always in backend). For example I would like to translate the sub-menu "Tools" so I have make a search in all files of CB and found the word "Tools" in 4 files: admin.comprofiler.controller.php / admin.comprofiler.html.php / comprofilerj.xml and comprofiler.xml. It appear it's only in the XML files it make a sens to translate this word...what I have do. After I have re-upload this 2 files but I don't see any change in admin sub-menu..."Tools" are always in english and not in french...I have try to logout and login but no change...

So where is possible to translate this ????? Any idea ??? edublender please how you do this ??

I use Joomla 3.3.6 - CB 2.0.4 - CBSubs 4 - Several Incubator plugins
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