How to Make Registration Form more nice

10 years 1 month ago #121327 by dontian
Hi everyone,

I want to make my registration page more nice and visitor friendly. So want to divide into 3 sub parts with sub titles.

The requirment description is attached image.

The demo page is as blow

Pls kindly help me to solve it. thanks a lot.
10 years 1 month ago #121333 by apkat
Use field name 'Company Information' and field type 'Fields Delimiter'. That should do it.
10 years 1 month ago #121344 by dontian
Hi, apkat
Thank you very much.
Would you mind add me skype? Now is attached.

My skype:dontianhk
10 years 1 month ago #121346 by Rapunzl
The doc subscription is highly recommended also, because it tells you this and much more.

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10 years 1 month ago #121347 by dontian
Hi, apkat

Now presentation, It's as attached.
10 years 1 month ago #121349 by dontian
Hi, I have one more question. Why do I have to make the delimiter's title empty? Otherwise, will show a SPACE before sub title?

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