User list management problem

10 years 3 days ago #125012 by dianadesign
I need some help :S

I just can't figure out what Im doing wrong.

When Im trying to go to list management, it makes an error, like somethings missing.

I try to add name and nothing happends..

You can see at the picture.

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10 years 2 days ago #125062 by dianadesign
Is there no one who can help me? :unsure:
10 years 2 days ago #125065 by nant
Help Us Help You link.

Most likely a PHP 5.3 user, but I am not a mind reader.
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10 years 2 days ago #125112 by dianadesign
I have no idea what you mean??
10 years 1 day ago #125119 by dianadesign
I did read the dokumentation if that's what you mean, and still have problems.

when i go to CB Field Manager I cant see next page, there's the same erro in the bottom of the browser as the picture.

Looks like there's more problems than just making the user list, and now I've installed them all over.
9 years 11 months ago #125349 by dianadesign
Im a bit new in this Joomla, but where can i see my server settings?

My site is at something called and I see that one of the settings is safemode=on is that bad?
should i change for it to work?
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