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10 years 2 months ago #108020 by translator
There was a romanian language plugin published on this forum ...unfortunately there were missing files and the plug doesn't seems to work.
Anyway I translated the requested files for building the plug ( english.php, cbteamplugins_language (was totally missing), calendar-locals and english.xml) I used UTF8 without BOM as indicated by NANT but for some reason I'm not able to build a working plug:(
There are charateres such as ă î ş ţ that are specific for Romanian I wonder if this is the problem.B)
I try to test the plug so I installed the Romanian translation for joomla (site and admin) and enabled IT (for the site and also for admin) but when I installed the plug -done according to NANT instructions- the joomla instalation goes blank (front and backend.)If using a FTP client I delete the plug everything goes back to normal.
If any of the moderators ( or anybody ) would like to help with this I will be more than glad to allow this plug to be posted for download on joomlapolis website ( or other ):)
thank you

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