Public users being able to see userprofiles

14 years 2 weeks ago #5623 by nant
Glad the instructions helped.

Can't really help you with the other 2 questions.

There must be a way to do #1 - maybe someone else can help you there.

As far as #2 you can change your css file to add further spacing between the records (again I am not a css guy so I cant get more specific). I dont think there is any way to say that field #1 is in bold and field #2 in italics - its either all or nothing.
13 years 11 months ago #7579 by solidbluechameleon
Hi there,
I needed the possibility of public users contacting through the email form as well. And looking for a solution found this thread. The following hacks are all that's needed:

in comprofiler.php rem out the following code in function sendUserEmail and function emailUser:

The form will now be sent with the e-mail address provided in configuration.php. To make it more understandable I've changed default_language.php to have the message read:

'IMPORTANT: As a precaution to spam this form is sent from within the system and does not show any e-mail addresses. Please do not forget to provide your e-mail address if you want a reply.'

I don't see much harm in this, or am I overlooking something?

13 years 11 months ago #7680 by Phleum

Have you followed the following steps:

  • CB->Configuration backend, User Profile tab, set Allow Access to 'Everybody' (this means that the actual profiles are now publically viewable)
  • Now to get to a profile it would be a good idea to make a publically accessible CB List: So make sure your CB Lists menu item is on the main menu and is set for public viewing
  • Also, make sure that your default list is viewable by Everybody (in the CB List backend for the default list this means that the User Group to allow access to: parameter must be set to everybody

If you have done ALL the above then you shouldnt have problems.


I have followed the above steps, as referenced in several posts, and I still can't show a list publicly. The configuration is set, The list is set to everyone and is teh default, and the url is


What's more, I'm not sure it's the soultion I want. I only want a list of administrators made public, and I want all other profiles accessible only to registered or higher. It there a way to set profiles viewability individuly, either officially or through some code-change in comprofiler?

13 years 9 months ago #13278 by _lpkb_
Phleum, if you find anything out about this, there is another thread asking for something similar:,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,/func,view/catid,12/id,8073/#8073

i need something very similar to what you are looking for. i want to be able to have a user list with certain fields showing that does not click to profiles, available to the general public. then if a registered user is logged in, i'd like for the user list to click to profile.

i have a feeling this might involve a hack of some kind.

13 years 7 months ago #16833 by Himgoku
solidbluechameleon wrote: comprofiler.php rem out the following code in function sendUserEmail and function emailUser:

I can't get this to work without a blank page with an error message :(

Do you have the link of that thread, solidbluechameleon?
I need this functionality too!

thanks in advance,


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CB 2.0 RC
Joomla 3.3.3
13 years 4 months ago #22861 by illlogical
I had the same problem and had a terrible time fixing it. All of my accesses were correct. I think that the transmenu mod was messing with the link to the userlist in some way. Once I created a link to the userlist with no transmenu applied, the profiles became publicly viewable. Another thing that might have contributed to the fix was creating and unpublished link to the Comprofiler component.
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