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I've searched on "CbMailing" "Mass Mail" and "massmail" in this forum but not finding or understanding what is being suggested, or how to accomplish my goals, so I am posting a new topic.

Today, after trying to send to a specific group (based on a list I created) I gave up and I tried to send an email to my whole community using CbMailing and got the message that "Email send to 0 users." I have created many lists using List Manager based on various registration fields in my community and they sort nicely. But for some I can't send messages to any of my registered user lists. Can anyone shed some light on this?
CB 1.0.1
Joomla. 1.0.10

I would even settle for being able to export my registered users email addresses so I could use a bulk mailing software to communitcate via HTML mail. So if you have any thoughts on that I would also appreciate it. Thanks.

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