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on Joomlapolis, when you click on PM button to send someone a message, you're redirected to a list of users and you have to look for the person u want to send message to through a very long list. This could be a problem if your site has hundred thousand of users because the list could take forever to load.

Is it possible to make it so that only couple hundred users will be shown at a time / per page?

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18 years 3 months ago #3400 by trail
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If you follow the joomla scene you would know that joomla cannot handle hundres of thousands of users.. in any case..

For instance the database at successfull website has been deleted several times by it owners just so he could have an operating website..

Users needed to re-register.. several times.. say once a year at minimum.. according to Arthur Kronze, joomla just cannot handle too many users..

On my site.. my server blows out with 50 concurent users.. not enough CPU.. and i run dedicated 2.8mhz 1gig mem..

But sure.. go for it.. when you get it going.. just let us know how you handle hundreds of thousands of users on a joomla site :) Im sure many would like to know..

Edit: besides.. we got uddeIM now.. wich is much much better than the enhanced pmsII that is in use on this site..

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18 years 3 months ago #3471 by kevinnet
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hi Trail,

Joomla can't handle hundred thousand of users? even with powerful server?
hmmm i'm new to joomla and i've been bebating whether i should use joomla for large community site! this is not a good news then

I've used postnuke with over 30,000 users
another site using xoops with over 65,000 users. 50 concurrent users no problem! running on a ded server with 1 gig of ram, it's not even intel, it's AMD

and yeah! the new MSG system uddeIM is so much BETTER!
love it!

check out this thread on forum

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18 years 3 months ago #3499 by Papillon
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everybody here is saying that uddeim is much better than enhanced pms. Could somebody explain this to me? Why ist uddeim your prefered pm-sysstem?

Thanks Papi

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18 years 3 months ago #3502 by mcsmom
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I think one of the good things about the Connections integration is that you don't need to go to that list to send a PM.

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18 years 3 months ago #3521 by scubaguy
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I switched to uddeim initially due to the fact that uddeim uses the userid in it's code and database tables as opposed to mypms that uses the username. On some sites usernames will change and this becomes a major problem.

Now that I have been using uddeim for awhile I stick with it because it is well written and as the System Message feature so I can send to all my users at once.

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