Emailsystem does not send confirmation

17 years 2 weeks ago #7904 by T.T.
I am also having this problem. After I click on the little icon that says 'registration is pending', the user doesnt get an email stating that registration was successfull...

Is there a way to get the newest release of CB?

In fact only two emails are sent:

1. After the user applies for registration, he gets an email that has the link so he can confirm his email. Works good

2. After the user has confirmed his emailadress, the admin will get a notification-email stating that their action is needed.

That's all. After the admin accepts the user (via the frontpage, via the backend or whatever way), no confirmation email is sent to the user anymore that he/she can login.

Any ideas? please help! I cannot use my website like this at all.

Use Joomla 1.0.8 + CBuilder RC2 (would love to test newer version :whistle: )

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17 years 2 weeks ago #7956 by T.T.
I solved the problem. Apparently the emailsystem didnt send the 3rd email to the user, because I had entered a reply-from address in the CBuilder-configuration that is not allowed. More specifically I entered my personal gmail-emailaddress. After I changed it to it worked without any problems!

Hope this helps anyone else as well...

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