De-approved users are still logging in

17 years 1 month ago #6649 by mijji
We use CB (1.0 beta 4 on mambo 4.5.3h) for controlling an organisation with 400 users.

Those who haven't paid this years fee is de-approved manually by me, but all of those who have been using the "remember me"-feature are still able to log on. Somehow they aren't matched in the database when they enter the site, and they got 100% access, despite not being approved.

Is this an error that also exists in the new CB versions, or has it been fixed with a workaround available?

Will blocking the users in question prevent them from entering the site?

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17 years 3 weeks ago #7277 by beat
"Remember-me" means no real login (it's auto-re-logging in in joomla!). So blocking *may* help.

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