plugidon't let the registration go on in this case

17 years 1 month ago #6958 by qjs2000
I also try to create a simple user plugin, I created a function which can be called before the user registration.
Yes, it works, great!

The code is like:
$_PLUGINS->registerFunction( 'onBeforeUserRegistration', 'test');

function test($user, $success) {
if($user->name == 'reserveredname')
echo ('You are not allowed to use this name');
return false;
return true;

This function will don't allow the user to use the reserverdname, it will reports the information when it happens.
But I found that the user still registered OK.

Anyone could plese help me how to not let the registeration go on in this situation?

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17 years 1 month ago #6979 by qjs2000
Maybe I didn't state my idea clearly.

I mean:
If I can stop the registeration process in the fuction, so that in some cases, the user will not be able to register?

Or if this is not the correct place I should do it? where can I?

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17 years 3 weeks ago #7278 by beat
Here an example on raising errors (there is no "return" value in this event-function/method:


* Example registration verify user method
* Method is called before user data is stored in the database
* @param object holds the core mambo user data
* @param object holds the community builder user data
function pluginExampleBeforeUserRegistration(&$user,&$cbUser) {
global $_POST, $_PLUGINS;

if ($_POST == $_POST) {
$_PLUGINS->_setErrorMSG("Password has to be different from username!"«»);
return true;

The password is not anymore in cleartext at that stage in $user. That's why it's taken from $_POST.

But all parameters can be found in $user and $cbUser.

Hope this helps,

Beat - Community Builder Team Member

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17 years 3 weeks ago #7372 by qjs2000
Thanks, it works perfect. I should read the manual of Plugin more carefully.:P

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