Edditing a User

17 years 8 months ago #8479 by zrnbrn
Edditing a User was created by zrnbrn
When I try to change a users group; I get this message:

The email is already registered. If you forgot your password click on Lost Password and a new password will be sent to you.

How do I fix this?

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17 years 8 months ago #8482 by mediaguru
Replied by mediaguru on topic Re:Edditing a User
do you know how to do it in phpmyadmin?

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Found on my web site or in the Joomlapolis Directory !

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17 years 8 months ago #8861 by pcjunkie
Replied by pcjunkie on topic Re:Edditing a User
I think editing a user status or group is considerably important. I have a community based site, I want certain memebers to be admins, some authors so I can create an authors group for the forum (a suedo members group) I can't do this for above mentioned reason!

What zrnbrn was asking is how do you change the user status without CB spitting out useless directives! That's all we need to know!

Once again I say that it's important. How else do you build a community web site? If going into phpmyadmin is the answer then CB is lacking some much needed detail!

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