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Need a little help from the Community was created by AnyTime
Ok we have beat our heads silly trying to understand the best approach to our current situation. Any and all help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Our customer needs are quite complex. They need to allow people to purchase a membership that allows them a certain level. That level can be accomplished by any of the PEER GROUP hacks available we believe. After the user has purchased their respective level is where the fun begins.

Certain groups will be allowed to have a certain amount of employees/contacts associated with their company.We currently have tried to setup all companies with a username and for all of their contacts seperatly. The individual contacts need to exist we believe so in case an employee leaves one company and goes to another, it shouldnt remove that individual from the site per say, just allow them to move to another company as another contact. We have created this as connections between company/individuals/employees.

We are not sure that function is what it was meant to do, and really arent sure its something we should still do in this fashion.

Other problems arise when we try to understand the flow between the ACL and CB since the groups allow different levels of membership, which then allows different amounts of contacts, which will allow certain types of tabs to show as well.

Another one of our issues we need to resolve is the fact that we need a tab that holds internal information for the customer to manipulate about the company/individuals. i.e. Users membership date/join date/ payment date and the like. This information shouldnt be seen by anyone except for our customers internal staff. Not even the user, but since when you manage CB from the inside, there needs to be a tab that just shows from ADMIN...

We know this is probably alot of vaque info, but we have tried to be as descriptive as possible, we would really appreciate someone that hs done some of this to share their ideas on the actual best flow and use of CB to accomplish the majority of our tasks.

We do not want to change to much in the core of the app since upgrades would be a pain in the arse.

Thank you to all who comment ahead of time.

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