PLEASE help with birthdays

18 years 1 month ago #9017 by joomlatte
PLEASE help with birthdays was created by joomlatte
I was wondering if anyone had yet come up with a workaround for the "date" functionality in specifying birthdays for users?

The calendar that pops up is VERY difficult to navigate when specifying birthdays - and leads to users dismissing it altogether.

On our site, we provide rewards for birthdays - and would like to make it simpler for users to provide this data in the following format:

Birthday: [2 digits]/[2 digits]/[4 digits]

The user can not dismmiss the calendar, being forced to enter the information through the calendar - which, from a usability standard, is horrible for entering dates of this nature.

The calendar is useful only when people are curious as to what day of the week the date falls on - because it shows them a nice display of the date. It's very cute, but the pull-downs for the years (if the user even takes the time to hunt them down) only show 8 years before or after.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me create a hack for this approach that will allow for users to more easily sumbit their birthdays.

Also - it's worth noting that most people (particularly women) do not want to provide their age.

So the perfect solution would simply be a birthday request for month and day.

I currently have set up my user profiles to request the month and day of a birthday - but this info is useless in interacting with the birthday remind modules, etc.

Thanks for any help.

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18 years 1 month ago #9042 by mikko
Replied by mikko on topic Re:PLEASE help with birthdays

Another option is to write a custom plugin that combines several selects (year, month, day) to a date value at server side.


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18 years 3 weeks ago #11070 by Spydey
Replied by Spydey on topic Re:PLEASE help with birthdays
i would also appreciate any help on this issue...i think that calendar function is horrible...much better if users could just fill in the dates...

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