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I am looking to redesign a site for a non-profit org that is looking to get off of the .asp site, which is poorly maintained with basically zero support. One of the features that we need to have a system like Joomla work is the ability to list multiple users under a Company name. Is this something that is possible with CB? In other words, each company has an entry with pertenant information, and then each user is listed underneath with thier title and phone number. Is this possible with CB or any Joomla component?

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16 years 10 months ago #9437 by Notexa
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If you just want a listing it can be done with userlists.
Here you have the option to sort the list on company name, or make a seperate list for eacht company.
If you want to display the company name and then the users beneath it without having to select a different list you'll have to do some custom programming, but that won't be too difficult. One or 2 simple queries and you're all set.


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