My Community 1.8 upgrade - adds annoying 1px white line along left column when module 7 LEFT is enabled

7 years 2 months ago - 7 years 2 months ago #223580 by envee
Hi there.
Just upgraded from MyCommunity 1.7 to 1.8, using J2.5.8 on wampserver.

Lost most of my template css mods and had to upgrade with a diff.

In the process I've noticed a very annoying white line down the left length of the template which seems to be part of the +1 or -1 px instructions in the index.php file. This happens when I have modules placed on the left part of the template. The position is actually position 7 not position 8 which is probably a mistake in the documentation pdf.

Can you please advise how I can fix this? My template width is set to exactly 965px and this adds one more on the left. I use a fixed width for my template and columns.

Another problem I have which perhaps could be related is an embedded google map that worked perfectly in the previous template version and now the map doesn't load properly (see attached file) the zoom in and out keeps animating as if something is trying to float above/ below it. The google map is part of content on a single page and is not related to the cause of the 1px line, but could have a common cause. Any ideas on this as well?

Using Firefox but also tested in IE.

Please advise, Many thanks!
7 years 2 months ago #223581 by envee
In addition to this, something really bizzare has happened - The entire Joomla backend menus have all disappeared after my administrator login timed out... Now I'm really stuck! Any ideas?
7 years 2 months ago - 7 years 2 months ago #223637 by envee
I have narrowed this down a little bit. It is the background container in template.css (approximately line 230)

#container {
background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;

Everything seems to be placed one pixel to the right of this background when a module is placed in position 7. Because of the placement 1px to the right, the white background is visible as a line to the left of everything. So this has got to do something with all this relative positioning done in the template's upgrade, as my modules were on the left before the upgrade and it all worked fine.

Also using firebug, i can isolate the left column css and change it from:

#leftcol {
margin-left: -964px;
width: 150px;

to magin-left:-965px; and it seems to move the column to it's right place, but then the 1px gap is on the right of the column now. I think somewhere in the new template something in the foreground is 1px shorter than it should be...

Any thoughts please?

Many thanks!
7 years 2 months ago #223763 by Jacob
Hi Nicolas, can you PM me the link to your site? I'd like to review the issue.

Joomla Development and Support since 2005
7 years 2 months ago #223792 by envee
Hi Jacob,

Sorry, I've been running the site locally on wampserver so it's not live. I've been using Mycommunity pretty much since you launched it (btw I love it - it's great, fast and clean) and I never had these issues before, everything happened after upgrading to MC1.8 as I've been on 2.5.8 for a while and all worked excellent.

Is there any info I can provide to help?

Many thanks,
7 years 2 months ago #223917 by envee
Hello Jacob,

Please let me know if I can provide you with any info...

Many thanks
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