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8 years 6 months ago #172314 by jvande
Great so my my auto recurring payments are being processed smoothly, silent post from is working appropriately. I have another issue that may be related to the recent upgrades. I have made another plan for a one time payment (2 week validity), they only problem with it is on check out, the Submit Payment button is not rendering out at the bottom of the Credit Card form (where the same submit button for my auto recurring plans would go) for this type of plan. I've done test with cards by just pressing enter but the form will still not submit. The source code looks like this:
<div class="cbregCCbutton">
<div class="cbregCCbutton" style="min-height:38px;vertical-align:center;"></div>

For some reason no submit button for the form is getting rendered out making it impossible to checkout with this type of plan. Am I missing a key step when setting up a plan that is not auto recurring ?
8 years 6 months ago #172338 by jvande
No bugs, I figured out the issue. I had my payment processor enable settings at <option value="2">Yes: AIM+ABR: Automated Recurring Billing for autorecurring plans</option>. This prevented plans that weren't ARB subscriptions to load the payment gateway. I changed the enable setting to "Yes: AIM+ABR: Single payments or Automated Recurring Billing at user's choice for autorecurring plans". This let me access my payment processor with single payment plans. Now the "submit" button renders out and functions as I need. Hope this helps anyone that might be having the same problem.
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8 years 6 months ago #172673 by beat
Thanks for sharing. We have added a feature-request for next CBSubs features-release to display a polite error message with the reason when no buttons can be rendered because of incompatible settings of plans in the basket and of the gateway settings.

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