can not filter by plan

8 years 6 months ago #169919 by beelliott
I moved a site to joomla 1.6. Installed cb1.4 and cbsubs 1.2.1 on the joomla 1.6 site. Imported the tables form the joomla 1.5 site (was running cb1.4 and cbsubs1.2.1). Everything works except it will not filter by plan. There are not plans that drop down. If I add a new plan, I can choose that plan, along with "any active", and "no active", in the drop-down."anyactive" and "no active" will also work to filter as they should, once they are selectable after creating new plan.

Is there a config file somewhere I'm missing?
8 years 6 months ago #170043 by beelliott
I unintentionally resolved my issue. I had the idea to import the members from the existing plan to a new one with the same attributes, that did show up in the filter list. This didn't work...gave an error. However, this action did register the existing plan where it needed to be, and now it all works.
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